Where am I going?

Ten or more years of owning a blog have passed and it has come to a point where I had to ask myself several times

“Where the heck am I going with all of this?”

My online persona has gone through a handful of changes since my days of being an insecure brat, to now being a self-proclaimed ‘Tito of Manila’. There were days when I wondered about the type of content I really wanted to write about. Should I pick between maintaining a travel journal or go with an illustration blog? Would it be better to have a dash of sass or should I keep a sense of mystery in every post? What is my brand? Who is my target audience? Should the navigation bar’s color be teal or seafoam green? You know, the issues that really matter.

After going through all of these questions and more, I was only sure about one thing. I wanted to keep writing. Regardless of followers and influences. 

But before I do so, let me start with a quick introduction about the person I have become after 30 years of trying to figure things out in this life.

Whether people believe it or not, I am an introvert. I enjoy doing most things by myself: watching last full shows at the cinemas, dining out on weekends, traveling abroad, pleasuring myself, and so on. I like the idea of not having the need to speak to anyone when I don’t feel like it. And I strongly dislike small talk. That said, I still love hanging out with close friends and meeting new people (sometimes). I’m not shy at all. But there’s a need to mentally prepare myself before speaking to people outside of my immediate circle.

Also, I am most definitely a cat person.

That should do for now, I guess.

And in case you’re wondering whether I’ve found answers to the questions above, well, the honest response is I still haven’t figured everything out. Let’s be real, none of us is even close to having a clue about life. Even your middle-aged, cum-laude-from-a-national-university boss is probably just winging it!

But if there’s one thing I can guarantee, I will not publish anything less than substantial.

So here I am, starting over again.

Nice to meet you!

Published by Rob Bautista

A little socially awkward and always a late bloomer, I prefer spending my weekends getting high on top of a mountain peak, soaking my feet into saltwater, savoring the best flavors of local food, getting lost within the inner streets of historical cities, and documenting everything in photographs. But most of the time I chill inside cozy coffee shops or laze on my bed.

3 comments on “Where am I going?”

  1. It’s been a while! For no apparent reason I just remembered you being a fan of your illustrations as your reader on Creative Dork. Had to search on Google and lo! I found your new blog!

    Regarding with this entry, I can relate. I’ve been asking myself the same question and haven´t found any answers yet. Still, the love of writing prevails.

    1. Hey Charles! Yeah it has been a long time, thanks! I still remember you would leave comments on my posts years back. How has it been? I think whatever happens, we would always make time for our creative outlets.

      Nice to hear from you again! =)

  2. Yay! Same with Charles here! I remembered you and about reading your blog back in 2013 and so I googled it. Thankful to still find you writing. 🙂

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