30 day photo challenge

Last October, some friends at work and I decided to take part in a 30-day Photography Challenge to further hone our shooting and composition skills. We were not able to complete the whole thing 100% because life, but most of us tried our best to consistently put out something decent. Each day had an assigned theme/subject and it was up to us to interpret them.

Here are my daily outputs for future reference as it may be the first of hopefully several efforts on becoming better photographers.

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Where am I going?

Ten or more years of owning a blog have passed and it has come to a point where I had to ask myself several times

“Where the heck am I going with all of this?”

My online persona has gone through a handful of changes since my days of being an insecure brat, to now being a self-proclaimed ‘Tito of Manila’. There were days when I wondered about the type of content I really wanted to write about. Should I pick between maintaining a travel journal or go with an illustration blog? Would it be better to have a dash of sass or should I keep a sense of mystery in every post? What is my brand? Who is my target audience? Should the navigation bar’s color be teal or seafoam green? You know, the issues that really matter.

After going through all of these questions and more, I was only sure about one thing. I wanted to keep writing. Regardless of followers and influences. 

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