150 free Blued Icons

Out of boredom, I tasked my team to create a set of icons as a quick design exercise while we were in between projects. We had, of course, creative freedom to work in any style we wanted as long as the set could cater to different categories like travel, food, finance, e-commerce, etc.

The objective was to have our personal icon library instead of relying on free stock to use for our mock-ups.

Immediately, I brought out my dotted grid journal because it is perfect for doing all those thumbnails. For designers, I would recommend finding similar notebooks in your local art & supplies stores because these babies provide quick guidance to your prototyping needs. Whenever I’m in Japan, I’d do a quick stop at MUJI to hoard a few at 500 JPY each.

The most enjoyable part of the process was figuring out which symbols I wanted to use and sketching them out on paper. Once there were over a hundred pieces to choose from, I went straight to Illustrator to try and replicate the lines.

Knowing the world wide web already has a rich database of line icons, the next challenge was to present them in a different style so I opted to stick with sharp edges and two tones. It probably needs more punch to stand out from all the other icons out there, but I’m quite satisfied with the result of my first icon set.

If you like it as well, go ahead and download it for free!

Published by Rob Bautista

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