Believe it or not, a huge chunk of my first thirty years of existence consisted of uninteresting activities. More than half of that, in the last decade, was spent alone either exploring the world from behind computer screens, or lying in bed trying to make sense of life.

By now I learned that a lot of things in this world don’t make any sense. And that’s absolutely fine.

There are days when I am fortunate enough to spend plenty of time outside the basic comforts of my room. If I’m luckier, I am accompanied by friends who share the same level of interest in seeing what else is out there.

After spending so much time by myself, I’ve developed the thought that I am the center of the universe. To prove myself wrong, I try to go out there as much as I can. To see more colors in the world, taste the different flavors various cultures can offer, experience the kindness of strangers, and to test the limits of what I am capable of.

To expand my horizons.

A little socially awkward and always a late bloomer, I prefer spending my weekends getting high on top of a mountain peak, soaking my feet into saltwater, savoring the best flavors of local food, getting lost within the inner streets of historical cities, and documenting everything in photographs. But most of the time I chill inside cozy coffee shops or laze on my bed.

On weekdays, I work as a UX/UI designer and freelance illustrator.

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